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Coffee or Podcasts?

If I may be honest, I’ve always wanted to speak at a panel. You know, those open conferences were people go to deliver advice to others, who, in turn, are looking at the stage in awe and excitement to one day be able to tell their success story. Well, that is me. Sometimes, it’s hard to find role models around us that make us feel inspired and motivated. But I’ve cracked the code (at least for me!).

Usually, I take my coffee right when I wake up. It does help to boost my energy enough to want to cook breakfast. But, by the time I get to the office, I’m in need of a second cup. It’s an addiction, like any other. I’m sure it’s not okay to drink four cups of coffee a day like it’s a hobby. But, when in need of an external help to fire my engines for the day, coffee takes charge.

I should have written all of that in the past tense, really, because since I discovered the beauty of podcasts, my mornings start with headphones on, not a cup of coffee. The world of iTunes Store offers a great variety of empowering shows for when you feel like 21 sucks and you should just go back to high school again.

Instead of breaking to tears because you only got 4 hours of sleep thanks to that English Lit test or because the GRE is around the corner, pick up your iPhone, put on your headphones and slowly calm yo’ titties. It’ll be okay.

Panels will always happen, and maybe I’ll get there some day. But, for now, I’ll play pretend and gather the best (free) advice I can get from badass gals that motivate me to wake up and kick ass (and yes, that’s what my alarm caption says!).

Three podcasts you can listen to are:

image1-2-400x4001. Oh Boy by Man Repeller, hosted by filmmaker Jay Buim


2. GirlBoss Radio, hosted by Sophia Amoruso


3. Magic Lessons, hosted by Elizabeth Gilbert

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