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10 Questions I’d Ask Female Actresses on Red Carpets

For years, there has been much debate surrounding the questions actresses get asked on red carpet interviews. “What are you wearing? seems to be a problematic one for many, which, considering celebrities mostly borrow those dresses, it’s only fair they give a shout out to the designer who made it. The real problem is that, instead of following up with more profound questions, the press barely scratches the surface when it comes to the film industry, the actresses’ performances and the importance of their work in today’s world.

It would seem that women who make millions narrating stories through acting would have a lot to say about the world we live in. But no, they are not given the opportunity to do so, as I painfully experienced while watching the Golden Globes red carpet coverage last night. Katy Perry was only asked about her cleavage, while Alicia Vikander had to say how excited she is for her Vogue cover a million times. Exciting, yes. But, repetitive, nonetheless. (I’d like to give credit to Rooney Mara, whose RBF made for one hell of a professional, non-personal interview.)

Not that I am the world’s best entertainment journalist, but I’ve had more training that Sean Penn, which gives me a pretty good idea of good questions actresses would love to answer, as opposed to the constant “Where did you leave your kids?” or “I saw your bikini shots in Instagram this week”.

  1. What particular moment in your life made you decide to become an actress?
  2. Have you ever felt gender inequality inside a film set? And how did you handle it?
  3. What aspects of the film industry would you like to change, in favor of gender equality?
  4. What woman in history would you die to portray in a movie?
  5. What books have you read this year and which would you recommend?
  6. What techniques do you use for character research?
  7. What is your viewpoint on today’s Islamophobia and how would you change the way the Muslim community is portrayed in cinema?
  8. What stereotypes would you like to see chattered in media and film?
  9. What historic film performance has inspired you in your work?
  10. What story do you personally wish to tell through acting?

Add on to the list. Keep them coming. Ask her (and him!) more.

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