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Today, I Thank You

Thank you, mom, for being you

Sorry, for some times being a bitch

Thank you, for always telling it how it is

Sorry, for coming home at 5 am without calling in advance

Thank you, for granting me the freedom to become who I am


Sorry, for not cleaning the dishes like I’m supposed to

Thank you, for taking the time to teach me how

Sorry, to be leaving your nest so soon

Thank you, for giving me wings to fly

Sorry, for not being the best gift giver

And for not telling you I didn’t pass a class in Spain

Thank you, for encouraging me to spend six months in Europe

And for teaching me the importance of dressing to impress

Sorry, that I wear too much black

Thank you, for understanding why

Sorry, to have made fun of your English when I was younger

Thank you, for giving me the tools to learn a new language


Sorry, that I some times don’t return what I borrow

Thank you, for saying “Just keep it”

Sorry, for the nights I disappear without calling

Thank you, for trusting me


And finally, thank you for almost giving up your life for mine

For not giving up when you were reaching death on my birth date

For the 21 years you have had to push me forward

And for always giving me enough love and support

To have a best friend in you



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