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Portraits of Badass

The word ‘badass’ has multiple connotations. Many associate it with superheroes; others only visualize a woman who can break someone’s face during a fight. But, during the inception of this website, I always envisioned the women around me.

I have quite the group of friends. I call them the ambitious tribe, a collective of women who might not even know each other but influence who I am and contribute to each other’s lives without noticing. To me, that’s badass. Sisterhood is badass. Lifting each other, instead of competing, is badass.

Yes, they appear to be wearing leather jackets and their expressions scream ‘Boss!’. But, there is a vulnerability to them because, no matter how put together we always try to appear on camera, our true selves always come out. What you see here is all of them reacting to one simple direction: be your own boss.


Badass is being comfortable in your own skin and loving yourself. Or at least working on it.

– Raiza Irizarry, 22


Badass, to me, is being a strong, independent, creative, inspiring and adventurous woman.

Frances López, 21


Badass to me is simply being confident. Fighting for what you want and achieving your goals, no matter what. Confidence in yourself is always key.

-Nicole Colón, 22


Badass is being confident and unapologetic about who you are.

-Ivanna Rivera, 21


Badass is self-acceptance.

-Laura Rivera, 22


“I think that being a badass is more about how you perceive yourself than how others see you. It’s being a lot of people at once and giving yourself the freedom of not having to choose to be only one.” –Kristine Drowne, 21


To me, it’s a woman that walks by herself. She is independent and she has earned everything by working hard. I am mine, not anybody else’s.

-Andrea Torres, 22


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