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8 Essentials for Shark Week

I have a friend who announces her period on Facebook every month with a blood-related photo. It’s a ritual now to see her photo monthly to realize that ‘Shark Week’, as we call it among our group, is approaching. There is no science that proves that women’s cycles are synced, but, in personal experience, most of my friends get their period at the same time that I do. Coincidence? The verdict it still a mystery.

Be it true or not, one thing is for sure: camaraderie and periods go hand in hand. PMS is better when you have friends to rant along with you because, what is better than hating patriarchy and mother nature with a crew of badass femmes? Furthermore, sharing is caring, so is the case with tampons, chocolate and romantic movies. So, what should you carry to help yourself and your friends feel better during this time?

Here is the plan. Once you start that first pimple popping out and a minor cramp that feels like someone ripped your uterus open, head to your nearest pharmacy and get yourself these essentials.

1. Heat Pad

Research shows a significant decrease in pain among women who use thermal tools to treat period cramps, according to WebMD. Personally, I put one over my uterus area in medium heat for approximately 30 minutes. Always does the trick.

2. Period Panties

In Seeking Love, Finding Overalls, Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine talks about the tradition of period panties among the women in her family. Hers were black and high waisted. Ours are mostly dirty and unattractive. Still, it’s important to have those panties that don’t ride up or make your period feel more like a hassle than it already is.

3. Candy

It’s a cliché, yes. But, I have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t like to binge eat on some type of candy or greasy food while PMSing or on their period. The point is that your period should be a time to treat yourself while your uterus cries tears of blood.

4. Ibuprofen

Need I say more?

5. Tampons or Pads

…Or menstrual cup or Thinx menstrual underwear. But most importantly, never forget that if you stain, it’s not your fault. Don’t be ashamed.

6. Stress Ball

It’s mostly used as stress reliever or for physical therapy, but I’ve found that having something to squeeze my pain away is useful in reducing the anger and cramps.

7. Candle

While on your period, you spend a lot of time at home coping with the fact that you will be bleeding non-stop for days. So, a room that smells nice will make the experience less stressful.

8. Laxatives

Yes, periods cause constipation. Your digestive system does not have to suffer, so it’s better to be armed with the right medication to combat bloating and stomach ache.

Surviving your period without losing friends, family members or partners is a monthly challenge. But, when armed with an arsenal of remedies, it’s easier to not punch everyone or cry at work. Still, no matter what Donald trump says, your period is no inconvenience. So, flaunt it. Be proud.

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