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What the Last Week At Work Is Like

Occupation: Part-Time Content Developer

Time at the job: 11 months


The feels are real because I’m on my period. As usual, I have breakfast at work: cream and coffee. My successor is already at my desk by the time I get there, which makes me proud to have chosen someone punctual and responsible (adulting accomplished!). By 10 am, I am in full training session with him. My boss is back from a week-long vacation, so the pressure is on to hand in last week’s projects. Facebook’s Power Editor is being a pain, and my work wife left early, so Monday already sucks.

I have pasta with chicken for lunch at the cafeteria, and take some time to get to know my replacement. Again, I chose well. Training session is back on. A last-minute client fucks up my afternoon mood, but I try to keep calm: the client comes first. By 5:30, we decide to clock out.

Conclusion: The boss will always bully you on your last week with jokes about you leaving. Suck it up.


Day two of my period. I’m dressed in all black, as always. Le work wife is back, so we choose to work at a meeting room instead of our desks. Power Editor bitches again, so I have to re-do all of yesterday’s work in 4 hours. By 11 am, I get emotional, like can’t-stop-the-tears emotional. I take a walk to the bathroom to breathe and come back to work. ‘Hamilton’ leads the way on Spotify until lunch.

After devouring two slices of pizza, I stop. Le work wife takes notice and asks what’s wrong. Nothing is wrong, but nothing is right. I just realized I’m actually leaving. Maybe it’s a mother nature betrayal or today’s shitty weather. Either way, we have to rush back to the office for a meeting, which we find to be cancelled. Fuck.

I spend my afternoon transcribing two interviews and delegating tasks on Flow. Also, we had a call for an upcoming video shoot that I won’t be part of, so the feels started boiling up. In consequence, I made plans to swallow two bottles of wine with my best friend.

Conclusion:  I love my job and the people around me.


I’m the type of employee that never takes days off. It’s an even crazier realization considering I am a part-time employee. During the past 11 months, I worked during weekends and days when I was supposed to have off from both work and school. My boss never asked me to; I just love what I do.

But, today I decided to take a day off to go to lunch and the beach with my friends. I worked from my bed during the morning and wore shorts for the first time in months. It was beautiful.

Conclusion: Relaxing isn’t so bad (sometimes).


Today’s to-do list includes writing my farewell e-mail, which I hope to fill with as many jokes that will derail everyone’s melancholy over my departure. Also, I helped brainstorm a campaign (my last!) and had lunch with my work crew.

Conclusion: Fuck, I am going to miss this place. 


I couldn’t sleep. I woke up at 5 am staring at the ceiling shaken by my dreams. Those shall remain secret. The day has arrived and I am not ready to say goodbye, yet I have to. There is no reason why I should or could stay. Bigger things await.

After grabbing a late sushi lunch, my co-workers and I headed to grab drinks. The farewell afternoon promised to be heartfelt, but I wasn’t prepared. I received a grad school survival kit from my friends and a hilarious speech from my boss. Still, I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t shed a single tear because saying goodbye is too painful to express sometimes through an action so common as crying. It needs more.

Conclusion: Never underestimate experiences. They change you.

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