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Hey, It’s Been A While (A 2018 Update)

Last year was rough in so many ways I barely had time to write this blog or keep a diary of my outfits. I rarely went to the gym and failed every resolution I made at the start of the year, except one— to graduate. Sí, corillose acabó lo que se daba. I’ll miss the stress, sleepless nights, endless anxiety, stomach pains… Scratch that. I will not miss any of that. Grad school is over for good. I’ll take the good lessons it taught me and move one without nightmares or eye twitches. (Though, the latter seems to not go away, ugh!)

For all the hell that was 2017, it was also a pretty phenomenal year for me. I interned at Fashion Unfiltered, covered my first New York Fashion Week, graduated from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, and got a job at PEOPLE CHICA. I’m an employed 23-year-old. As cliché as it sounds, it’s a dream come true, especially for a dork like me, who’s always fantasized about what her future will look like. Honestly, this comes a close second to what I imagined (sometimes!).

Anyhow, in 2018, I vow to write, take photos, and keep this blog alive. (Will you hold me accountable for that, ?) I plan to meet more women who inspire me and blackmail them for a profile on this blog like I did with the 13 ladies I’ve interviewed so far. (Disclaimer: I never blackmailed anyone.)

It’s a bit late for a year in review, but you will excuse the procrastination. I was busy at my 9 to 5. *cue GIF of Rihanna putting a crown of herself* Below some of my favorite moments of 2017:

(Viejo San Juan, January 2017)

(Williamsburg, February 2017)

(West Village, April 2017)

(Crown Heights, April 2017)

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El bejuco busca pa'l sol. #NewYork #puertorriqueña

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(Brooklyn Bridge Park, April 2017)

(Union Square, May 2017)

(Crown Heights, May 2017)

(Central Park, June 2017)

(2 Train, August 2017)

(Prospect Park, November 2017)

(Lowest East Side, December 2017)

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Congelá. #NewYork #CentralPark #Snow #ootd #winter

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(Harlem Meer, December 2017)

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