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Today, I Thank You

A silly poem to celebrate my mother


Written by Nellys Pimentel  My neck grew longer as so did my hair. For days and nights you could run me and i wouldn’t run out. Pure elegance in my black and gold complexion dusted in amber and simplicity. With olive green as antique as my memory and pine green as deep as my toughts on my brown coffee and cream skin.

Beyoncé and the History of Female Rivalry

The Internet exploded on Saturday night when Beyoncé released her much anticipated visual album in the only way Bey can do it: on HBO. One of her songs seemed to reveal the truth behind the rumors that Jay Z had cheated on Beyoncé with designer Rachel Roy. I wasn’t familiar with the scandal, as what these three do with their sexual lives is none of my business. But, the Internet’s response to the revelation shocked me, as it exposed a nasty reality of our society. Rachel Roy was forced to make her Instagram account private after Beyoncé’s fans started bombarding her with threats. Jay Z was not made accountable in the media’s eyes. Beyoncé came out as the triumphant ex-victim who has capitalized on making her relationship a symbol of #CoupleGoals. It’s surprising to see such rivalry emerge surrounding an artist that has made herself an icon of 21st century feminism, which makes me question what type of feminism Beyoncé stands for and how much her fans have become part of it. There is a …

Editor’s Letter No. 1

Photographed by Raiza Irizarry in Paris, France (2015).  Confidence has never been my strongest suit. As evidence, I had been putting off projects for years because I never felt prepared or even talented. Those are harsh words to say about oneself, surely. But, if there is anything 21 years have taught me, is that the relationship you have with yourself is one of the most challenging and cruel endeavors you will face. Badass Files is not about me. It was never intended to be so. I had the idea one morning while brushing my teeth in my apartment in Madrid, Spain. For three months, I had been struggling with keeping my life shit together while playing a balancing act between a long-distance relationship, travel and stepping out of my comfort zone. Moving to the other side of the world proved more difficult than I ever thought and I found myself drifting away from who I had been for the last few years. I was not being badass. If I was having troubles, surely there were …