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Coming Out Of the Fashion Closet

The approach I’ve taken to fashion has never come from the perspective of just putting outfits together. As a child, I had the opportunity to observe two women— my mother and grandmother— get lost in sewing books, patterns, magazines and textile shops to create the perfect garment. Most often than not, those dresses ended up in photography albums that narrate the trajectory of our family’s history. So, whenever I sat next to them, admiring the hard work they put behind every stitch, it became clear that fashion was not materialistic, but rather cultural, emotional and artistic. I’m tired of being reduced by my love of fashion just because it’s not recognized as an art or important enough to attract someone’s interest as a scholarly discipline. Since the minute I started vocalizing my interest in working inside the industry the comments have been far from positive. I have found that, as a journalism student, I’m referred to as an entertainment journalist, and therefore, cooped up inside a box with the Giuliana Rancic wannabes of the world. …

Women Love the Game

Recently, I interviewed a team coach regarding the players’ names and number, to which he responded: “I’d give you my number but I am married.” I just smiled sarcastically.