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On Power and the Choice of Motherhood

Contributor Sofía Mendoza shares her thoughts on why choosing is essential to motherhood.


No Kids Wanted

Image via International Museum of Women  The first time I told my mother I didn’t want to have children, she stared at me  with a face that read: “What did I do wrong?”. Immediately, she followed up the shocking revelation with a “You don’t have to think about that now. Let’s see in ten years”. I was around sixteen at the time, which, in reality, is not a proper moment to be generating opinions about birth. Still, five years later, I haven’t changed my mind. My case was never an isolated one. For years, I’ve talked to friends and strangers of my generation, both male and female, that have never felt the need to seek parenthood as a method of fulfillment. Still, the mere divulgement of such information leaves a stigma, a feeling of selfishness transmitted by the other half of the spectrum. As the non-parental trend grows, society tries to compile all the possible reasons why people are not having kids. Most of the time they arrive at the conclusion that economic, political and …