bad·ass \-ˌas\

Definition of BADASS
often vulgar :  ready to cause or get into trouble:  mean <pretending to be a badass gunslinger — L. L. King>
often vulgar :  of formidable strength or skill <such a badass guitar player — N’Gai Croal>

 Definition by Merriam-Webster Dictionary


I’m a 23-year-old puertorriqueña living in New York City and documenting what interests me on this site. I love black, wine, and reggaeton. I’ve been a fashion and culture journalist for eight years now and alumni of the University of Puerto Rico and CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. My room is a contstant mess, I never diet, and I fail to go to the gym on constant basis. I love my island and dance salsa alone in my living room.

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