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File No. 10: Andrea Devoto, Social Media Manager

BF: Why did you decide to get into communications and fashion?

I never thought I would enter this world because I didn’t know about it enough. I loved social media and I had accounts on all of them. I stumbled upon bloggers. I was an avid reader of magazines so I could see the resemblance. I also loved writing and fashion, so I started curating my Instagram with fashion stuff and launched the blog.

Before that, I thought I would study business to become an entrepreneur. I hated it. I switched to communications and experimented with all types of classes. I chose journalism because I could translate the basic skills to what I love which is social media and fashion.

BF: You were part of the first wave of Puerto Rican fashion bloggers. How was that experience?

I had a blog for an English class in high school, so one day I decided to erase the content and start fresh. I began posting fashion stuff and taking it seriously. The first post was an outfit that my boyfriend photographed and it got attention. I decided to keep doing it as a portfolio to get a job in the future.


BF: At the moment, you were part of a soccer team. Are there any lessons you still apply to your work today?

Yes, being competitive. I know what it is like to have someone that is at your same level and you have to rise above him or her. Also, to achieve my goals and handle pressure.

BF: How would you describe the work of a social media manager?

There are various types of social media managers. There are those who are only interested in creating content for likes and followers. As for me, I like to focus on having great visuals and attract followers and likes with quality content that people feel identified with. It’s about building a brand identity that attracts the right people, not just the masses.

Many people don’t take it seriously, still. I know people who do social media and not necessarily know what it’s about. It’s more than just scheduling posts. I take and edit photos, organize content and write posts.


BF: How important is the developing a good eye for content creation?

People have good impressions when your content is well curated, no matter your aesthetic. It’s really important to build brand presence in all social media, especially Instagram. Aesthetic has always been a part of my life. My dad is a graphic designer, so that’s where my attention to detail comes from. My whole family is very creative and I’ve always loved magazines.

BF: How does social media affect the young professional of today?  

It’s really important to develop a presence in social networks no matter what industry you are in. In the creative world, you need to have an Instagram that shows your eye and aesthetics. I always show my Instagram as a presentation card. It’s the business cards of millennials.


BF: Have you suffered from the ‘dumb fashion girl’ stereotype?

Yes. If I’m in a conversation where someone says they study medicine or business, it’s never the same reaction when I say I work in fashion. They try to dumb down the conversation because they think I won’t be able to understand. They think fashion is dumb. On the contrary, there is so much influence from fashion in our daily lives and in the world in general.

BF: What aspects of the fashion industry, besides clothes, attract you?

The entire process, really. From marketing to styling and technology. It sets a moment in time. I always remember events from my life through clothes, like the Pocahontas bathing suit I used to wear when I lived in Perú as a 2-year-old.



  1. Channy Mellet says

    Esta señorita es realmente inteligente, responsable y muy enterada de su profesión, además de ser muy bella y con lindo estilo!


  2. Carmen Amelia Acevedo says

    Fue muy emotivo leer tus entrevista, te deseo un lindo caminar en el fascinante mundo de la moda. Dios te bendiga. Te saluda tu bibliotecaria de CSC.


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