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6 Desks To Inspire Your Next Cubicle Decor

(The Badass Files office)

I have been at my current desk for almost two months now. It is the longest I have retained of these. Maybe it’s stupid to put such pressure on the topic, but, as I have come to understood, having a desk is a sign of inclusivity and acceptance into your work environment. We all crave membership, but as an intern, I have never been part of a team nor have I called a desk my own.

I don’t want to jinx this two-month stride, but with no sign of physical changes, I have been planning on accommodating a few personal items to make the space feel more comfortable. A white table and grey board never made for a fun a time at work. But, is it necessary to create an identity around a desk?

“Desk psychology is so little understood that those who make judgments about you based on the state of your work space may not even realize they are doing so. But subconscious or not, those judgements are inevitable and enduring…”, says Anna Tims in a 2014 article by The Guardian.

Like the clothes we wear to work, the mess (or, in my case, lack of) speaks greatly of who we are. Claiming ownership of a desk is more than just decorating it. Presence and permanence is shown through it, as a way to communicate who you are, what you do and how much you care (or pretend to care) about the job you are in. Where you sit 8 hours a day, three times a week influences your work performance. After all, it’s a second home.

Inspiration is served. Let the move begin.







Man Repeller HQ (Harper’s Bazaar)




Into the Gloss HQ (


Teen Vogue’s Amy Astley’s office (

(I will probably end up in another desk by May.)

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